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Grupo Capoeira Nagô Queens was estabilished by Formado Camaleão in 2014.  We are spreading word not just about the Brazilian culture, but about the Fitness, Health and Education. Formado Camaleão provide capoeira tranings with music and instruments in the studio and also free classes outdoor. We participate in cultural and educational performances, exhibitions and workshops for schools, corporations and charity. 


Carlos Francisco Simão - Formado Camaleão was born in Belo Horisonte, Minas Gerais. He moved to New York City in 1989 and started capoeira training  with Mestre Caxias Capoeira Brasil New York, then he trained under Mestrana Jo till he became advance student. Later his capoeira jurney started with Professor Tiba from Capoeira Luanda under the supervision of Mestre Jelon Vieira where he started to teach.  In 2012 he joined group of Contra Mestre André where he was teaching as Estagiaro. Today he holds a rank of Formado and has his own Grupo Capoeira Nagô in Queens. Formado Camaleão has participated in numerous workshops, batizados, jogos and international cultural exchanges.

Having decided to make New York City his home, he continues to work with other instructors of Capoeira Nagô in spreading the teachings, philosophy, and beauty of the art.